Why IT Staffing Industry is Growing?

After two years of mixed global conditions, the overall IT staffing segment continues to shine brightly. The rosy side of IT staffing has many factors, but there is an intensifying war to find the right skill. This has resulted in increased investments in new technologies and may have a large role in IT staffing growth.

In 2022, the IT spending has accelerated across the globe due to a digital first approach by the organizations. If the business does not have a digital presence or does not transform digitally, there is a likely chance to be out of business soon. This has pushed the organizations towards the baby steps in digital transformation by investing in suitable technologies. This is a great news for the IT staffing industry that there are more openings and business for everyone.

Another reason for growth is greater adoption of new technologies across different industry verticals. For an example, cyber security has become the need for every organization to overcome the data breaches they are facing in recent times. With increased demand for cyber security, then there is scope for more investment and more skill needed.

Increased awareness on skilling and upgraded self-learning systems have also paved way for the growth of resources pool available to meet the growing demand. This is another major reason for the growth of IT staffing industry. However, there is still a huge gap between the demand and supply of resources. We are seeing the situations where a greatly skilled resource is now having a choice to choose the best company he wants to work with.

To meet the challenges of resource shortage, authorized learning and training centers are also playing a part in upskilling the young graduates and middle level IT resources. The industry has also become ready to ease their expectations from a resource compared to the past. The Hybrid model of working has also brought in a lot of work-life balance.

IT staffing firms can look forward to a robust market in the new year, but growth drivers alone do not necessarily lead to growth at the individual firm level as the right strategies will also be crucial to capitalizing on new opportunities. We at Microgreen have a clear set of actions defined according to the growth driver mentioned in this article and are ready to play our part in the growth journey. For more information, please visit