Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is the most heard term over the last decade. What matters today is how one handles the client requirement. We at Microgreen, place an account management and recruiting teams with each of our client.

Key Services Include:

  • We have a solid understanding of industry best practices in terms of ethics, impartiality, understanding pertinent compliance necessities, maintaining client confidentiality and data security. Our flexible service options allow clients to choose the option that works best for their current needs. 
  • Experienced, qualified and skilled recruiters making sure to communicate intangibles that are important to find top talent, not just fill positions. 
  • SLA based and low-cost provider of Contingent and Staffing Supplier.  
  • We provide an exclusive team of Recruiters, Account Manager and Resource Managers to meet the client’s needs for any VMS/MSP programs.