Technology Consulting

With over a decade of experience in IT, Microgreen offers services to align IT strategy, assure information security, system integration, ensure smooth and effective digital transformation. Microgreen aims to improve overall customer experience. Our consulting methodology is aligned with client’s strategy and long term goals. Our experience helps save customers money and resources.

Our Technology Consulting Services Include:

  • Enterprise IT Consulting – IT Strategy, Digital Transformation of enterprises is the key.
  • Solution Consulting – Help clients in building an IT Solution to their use case.
  • Platform Consulting – We help our clients with platform-based consulting. We help them choose the right platform and implement it. We also support migrations and customizations.
  • Crisis Management Consulting – Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery consulting to enable business for clients.
  • IT Strategy Consulting – We provide companies with a strategy to expand into new geographies, new product line, mergers & acquisitions.