On-Demand Services

Urban areas around the globe are almost tuned to “On-Demand Economy”. We are Microgreen always ready to revolutionize the way people conduct business and in the process create large-scale employment. The tech savy urban user is already making the most, Microgreen simple approach simplifies the process even for the rural user to get equipped to On-Demand applications.

If you are running an On-Demand Service, we can help you design and develop native on-demand apps for Android, iOS and Windows. We have cumulative experience of developing over 30 on-demand apps. Talk to us to hire our on-demand app developers.

We help you with On-Demand Apps in the areas of:

  • Health & Fitness – Build your own on-demand health and fitness apps like on-demand doctor apps.
  • Courier – Build your own app for packaging or courier delivery
  • Food Ordering – Build your own food delivery app and make sure your customer gets On-Demand experience.
  • Cab Services – Build your own cab booking app or ticket booking app.
  • Grocery Delivery – Build your own delivery app be it grocery or alcohol.
  • Repair & Maintenance – Build your own on-demand maintenance app for car repair, fuel, plumbing, or other on-demand services.
  • Logistics – Build your own fleet management app to manage logistics.
  • Beauty Salon – Make your own on-demand beauty salon app for makeup, haircut, massage therapy.
  • Home Cleaning – Build your own house services apps like on-demand home cleaning, laundry, etc.