Managed Testing Solutions

Microgreen is an end to end testing solution provider. Outsource your testing to us and we will manage, staff and testing tools to get the results you need. We add quality to your brand. Testing is our world and we believe we can do it the best. Best part is we take full responsibility to improve the time, cost and quality of your testing activities.

Customized Testing Methodologies

We believe every customer is unique and believe a customized test plan that fits client goals. Our team covers every type of testing, with our wide range of capabilities in automation and end to end testing.

SLA Protected

All clients are SLA protected and the results are based on SLA. The KPIs are agreed by both parties and we service the clients as per SLA.

Dedicated Testers

We’ll draw from our massive global talent pool of 3600+ QA experts to create your dedicated team. Our flexible staff allocation can reduce your costs by up to 50%.

Choose your testing site

Choose from a world of options—onsite, onshore and offshore. Our crowd testing capabilities extend around the world, with real users in real-world situations working around the clock.