Trends in Engineering Staffing for 2023

As the engineering field continues to evolve, so do the technologies and skills needed to stay competitive. With the introduction of AI and automation, the engineering workforce is shifting in new directions. Employers must stay ahead to stay competitive and hire the best talent. In 2023, these advancements will largely shape engineering staffing trends, such as an increased need for automation and robotics engineers, data scientists, and software developers.

1. Automation and Robotic Engineers

The demand for automation and robotic engineers is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. Automation is the technology of making processes faster, easier, and more accurate without the need for manual labor. This advancement will revolutionize engineering, and employers will increasingly search for experienced automation engineers. Candidates need industrial and robotic automation, AI, and virtual reality expertise to stay competitive in this field.

2. Data Scientists

Data science is a relatively new but rapidly growing field in engineering, and it is expected to become an increasingly competitive field for employers to hire. Employers are looking for data scientists to use their understanding of predictive analytics, machine learning, and programming languages to help companies get maximum insights from their data. Candidates must have computer science, mathematics, and engineering degrees, interpret data accurately and have solid communication and leadership skills.

3. Software Developers

In 2023, software engineering will still be a significant part of the engineering industry. It is anticipated that employers will search for software developers proficient in various programming languages, including Java and Python. Frameworks for developing software such as Django, Angular, React, and Node.js are also included. To contribute to the safety of their employer’s data, software engineers must also have a solid understanding of cybersecurity.

The need for engineers who can efficiently and effectively handle the challenges faced in engineering roles continues to rise. This trend will only become more pronounced in the coming years as the need for highly skilled personnel increases and the global demand for engineering services rises.

With an increasingly competitive global labor force, employers will continue to seek out engineers who are well-equipped to solve their unique challenges and remain competitive. To remain competitive in this demanding market, engineering staffing trends should reflect the global landscape. Like, as finding and allocating talent in applied science and technology and creating a more diverse and qualified engineering workforce for the years ahead. Microgreen has been catering in this space for a good time now and is ready to act as per your requirement. For more information, please write to