The Rise of Video Interview Platforms Post Pandemic in IT Staffing

One of the latest trends in staffing in the IT industry is the rapid use of video platforms for interviews. Traditional interviews are not only time-consuming, but incur costs. Video interviews are convenient and are just as effective as a real interview.

The popularity of video interviews has led to the rise of platforms that facilitate video interviewing. We look at this trend in detail to understand how it works.

Video interviewing – how it works

The average time to hire people using traditional methods is 45 days. The average cost per hire ranges from $1300 to $5000. Using video interviews offers significant benefits that reduce the time and the cost.

There are two types of video interviews that video interviewing platforms offer.

Two-way interviews

This works exactly like an offline interview. The interviewer and the candidate are face to face at different locations. It allows the interviewer to assess the candidate real-time. The interview can be recorded and a detailed analysis done later if needed.

It is simple since it can be done at the convenience of both the parties. Costs of travel are saved. It achieves all that a regular interview does with fewer hassles.

One-way interviews

This is a trend that is becoming popular. Interviewers are busy executives who may find it difficult to schedule live interviews. Scheduling can be an issue because of work pressure. In a one way interview, questions are displayed on the screen for the candidate.

The candidate can login to the platform and record their answers to each question. Once the recording is done, the recruiter can review the videos at their convenience. This is extremely convenient for busy executives and helps to save a lot of money.

The use of video interviewing platforms

Video interviewing platforms are available that offer both live-streaming options for interviews as well as pre-recorded interviews. IT companies can choose whichever is convenient for them.

Look for a platform that offers features like:

· Easy registration using your mail ID.

· Ability to easily create job positions.

· Tools to create questionnaire easily.

· Customizing to include your branding.

· Convenient sign up process for the candidate.

· Seamless interview process whether recorded or live.

· Analytics that analyze the video using AI. The best platforms analyze the body language of the candidate and provides a review report.

· Access control options, so you can decide who in your team can access the software and the review reports.

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