Technology Staffing – The India Way

IT Staffing can be defined as the process of finding suitable candidates (staff) for a job requirement or company vacancy within the IT sector or department. India has emerged as the hub of the global IT industry. Many reputable software companies like Wipro, Infosys and Mindtree have set up offices in the country.

There are some differences in the way Indian IT approaches staffing in comparison to the American way of IT staffing.   

Skilled vs. Unskilled Labor

The IT staff sought after by recruiters is not your typical labor force. These employees possess special skill sets and appropriate educational qualifications. Within the IT field, there are many roles to be fulfilled like programmers, managers, specialists, coders, testers, engineers, technicians and more.

In the Indian context, IT staffing exclusively pertains to hiring of soft skill labor like engineers and programmers. On the other hand, the process of staffing in the US is not that watertight. A company or recruiter might even hire physical labor force and technicians for vacancies in the IT department.

Two Silicon Valleys

This will largely depend on who your recruiter is and their policies. The hub of IT in India is situated in the city of Bangalore. Whereas, the American IT hub is located in the Silicon Valley in Northern California. Both cities have different living standards, which translates to different employee expectations.

Although Bangalore is a booming city, it has its infrastructural limitations. But the Silicon Valley does not suffer from the same problem. It is a well-planned out city with many facilities and features. IT staff recruiters must keep these cultural and socio-economic factors in mind while looking for the right fit.

Internal vs. External Recruiters

Both countries have strong IT sectors in their respective locations. The presence of big companies in both countries means that many firms have the capacity to have an internal recruitment team. Although there are advantages of hiring an external staffer, large-scale companies need not worry about it. They can afford their own hiring team.

A major difference between both countries is their reliance on external recruiters. It is much easier for the US companies to delegate their IT needs to outside recruiting agencies. In India, there are some great recruitment agencies, but they are usually confined to major cities across the nation.

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