IT Staff Augmentation Trends for 2022

Staff Augmentation refers to a business strategy where the company outsources its need for resources and skills. That means, an external provider helps the company meet its requirement temporarily.

When it comes to meeting demands on a short notice, staff augmentation is a great method to explore. The external vendor or provider hires skills and resources for the company on a contractual obligation.

For instance, a company temporarily requires a researcher on one of its teams. Unfortunately, the company does not have any researchers of its own. Through staff augmentation, the company can hire a researcher on contract without the worry of making a permanent hire.

What are the Latest Trends in Staff Augmentation 2022?

Now that the pandemic protocol and lockdowns have been lifted, the IT (Information Technology) industry is booming once again. Naturally, companies are out to hire new contractual skills and staff. Here are the most popular trends in IT staff augmentation –

Advancement in Technology

Everything is on the internet in this era of digital revolution. There are so many technologies in the IT sector like RPA (Robotic Process Automation), ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cloud computing. Specialists in these areas will have a huge demand in the year 2022.


In the post-pandemic world, WFH (work from home) has become a very viable option. But, the facility of remote operations comes with more susceptibility to cyber threats. Keeping this in mind, the demand for cybersecurity experts is going to increase exponentially in the year 2022.

Customer Experience (CX)

Today’s market is highly competitive. It is not only about manufacturing a great product anymore. There are many options in the market and your brand needs something special to stand out. A simple solution to this comes in the form of great Customer Experience.

Customers will buy your products if you are nice to them, responsive to their queries and efficient in solving their problems. The demand for professionals in the CX field is also high this year.

New Locations

Now that travel restrictions have been abolished, businesses are traveling and expanding their markets. Moving to a foreign location changes your requirement for employees. This is due to a difference in work culture and ethics. You would need more staff augmentation vendors to help you find the right fit this year.

Soft Skills

It is not just about the work your employees do. It is how they do it. For a productive, friendly and energetic work environment you need employees with organizational and time management abilities. In addition to this, the employees should be able to make connections through interpersonal and communication skills.

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