How Technology is Impacting IT Staffing?

Technology has had its impact on every industry. It is natural that all sectors in the IT industry would be impacted. This includes IT staffing agencies. The IT staffing function has undergo major changes thanks to the use of technology.

Technology and IT staffing

The use of technology in the recruitment process has helped staffing agencies improve their response time. They can now recruit candidates for a recruitment far quickly than before. Companies are benefitted thanks to the use of technology in IT staffing.

The following are areas where technology is being effectively used in IT staffing:


Candidate screening used to be cumbersome process with recruiters going through resumes painstakingly. The use of software had made this work easy. Software can scan through resumes posted online to check if the candidate meets the requirement. The software then screen the candidates and shortlist those who meet requirements.


Candidate assessment is a key process done by staffing agencies. Agencies need to assess candidates to find out how competent they are. This is done through various technical tests that can include coding tasks. Software is used for the assessment to ensure immediate evaluation. This makes the work of the recruiter easy.

Interview automation

The process of interview has seen a sea change thanks to the use of technology. Video interviewing platforms allow interviews to be done online and recorded. Apart from the convenience it offers, there are other powerful features. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning features of the platform ensure detailed analysis of the interview video can be done. The platform can assess if the answer given by the candidate is right. It can also create a candidate profile based on analysis of body language and other cues.

Scheduling automation

Scheduling interviews is a key activity done by IT staffing. Here again, technology has offered numerous benefits. Recruiters can use software to schedule interviews. The same software can also be used where rescheduling is needed. The software would send alerts and reminders to both interviewers and candidates. All this happens automatically saving time and effort for recruiters.

Back office automation

Technology has allowed back office work to be fully automated. This allows IT staffing agency to recruit more of technical staff who can add value to the recruitment process. Software solutions can take of all back office paperwork. Using a cloud-based system ensures that documents and records can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. For more information, please write to us at