How “Permanent Staffing” makes life easy?

Speak to an entrepreneur or a corporate executive and ask them what is the biggest hurdle they face in running an efficient company? Most of them will provide the same answer- hiring and re-training the right person for their organization.

Finding a permanent hire is the most challenging and vital task for managing any company. A lot of time, resources, and energy is spent on hiring a long-lasting, suitable candidate. This begs the question, isn’t it easier and cheaper to hire a temporary or contractual employee? The answer is ‘no’.

Here’s how permanent staffing can make life easier for corporates:

Reduces Training and Recruiting Costs.

According to the 2017 Talent Benchmarking report published by the Society of Human Resource Management, up to 70% of companies take anywhere from one to four months to process a new hire. This is a significant amount of company time and money. Do you have the HR manpower to recruit temp/contractual staff on a routine basis? Consider the training involved after hiring the individual. Isn’t it easier to permanently hire an individual and training him or her? Compare this with training a new person every few months.

Permanent staff are motivated.

Studies show that when an employee has opportunities for growth and development within an organization, they’re more likely to experience job satisfaction and enthusiasm in their roles. A permanent hire has the chance to acquire new skills and strengths and showcase their talents over the long term. They even have prospects to seek additional training to enhance or refine their skills. As a result, a permanent employee develops a clear career path within a company.

In addition, permanent work offers income security. The employee is not spending time looking for the next contract or temporary position.

Permanent staff develop long-term friendships with the company.

Teamwork and camaraderie should never be underestimated in a corporate setting. It not only makes you feel valued, but contented in your career path as well. Working with a team make project or task completion more enjoyable. Over time, team members learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and are able to work accordingly. It also helps develop trust among one another. Building and maintaining faith in your teammates is vital to a project’s success. It develops a positive company culture. A happy and constructive work environment attracts driven and passionate talent.

Permanent staff are loyal and committed to the company.

Permanent staff stay on for a longer duration with an organization than a temporary or contract worker. This gives them a chance to participate in several projects, team meetings, training sessions, etc. When an employee feels valued and needed, they’re devotion and commitment towards a company will grow. This is only possible if that employee is given an opportunity to demonstrate his/her expertise. In return, the company invests their training and resources in that employee. This permanent worker will be more reliable and trustworthy when it comes to making key decisions and evaluating risks.

Permanent staffing offers corporates staff that are committed, motivated, dependable, and reliable.