Engineering Staffing – The India Way

Currently, there are more than 2500 engineering colleges in India. According to some statistics, the year 2021-22 saw a 300 per cent hike in the recruitment for engineering jobs.

In the next ten years, the demand for the following engineering specializations is bound to rise –

  • Software Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering

Hiring engineers is a little more complicated than other job profiles. Companies are looking for specific skill sets based on their projects and requirement. If a prospective candidate does not have that, firms must train their new employees, resulting in the expenditure of time and money.

Another important thing for recruiters to keep in mind is the ever-changing landscape of technology. Every day, some new innovation threatens to change the game forever. Companies are always on the lookout for the latest technical know-how to keep up with the tech-inspired market changes.

Having said all that, Indian recruiters are rising up to the challenge to ensure that engineering needs are met by a qualified staff –

Using Interpersonal Skills

Remember, the best engineers have already been hired. And they are probably getting paid really well too. This means, job postings will not help you find the best of the best as they are simply not looking for jobs. In the Indian context, such engineers have already left the country for better opportunities.

To approach the creamy layer, recruiters are now investing in their interpersonal skills. They have also increased their network of reliable professionals who can directly reach these highly skilled but “passive” professionals.

The Issue of Work Culture

Indian companies are no longer run like factories. Company employees expect more from their workspaces than a big fit check. Engineering is already a high-paying job which is in demand all the time.

If engineers want to leave a company, it may have more to do with the work culture. Keeping this in mind, many companies are gearing up towards a hybrid workspace environment. Such spaces allow employees to divide their time between work and recreation. Nobody wants to show up to a hectic, busy environment where co-workers do not speak to each another.

Even staff recruiters are realizing the importance of emphasizing work culture in their job pitches.

Technical Recruitment Skills

Finding the right engineer is not as simple as matching a candidate’s resume with the job requirement. It takes skill and experience from an insider to assess the true potential of a candidate. This is why many recruiters are hiring specialists within their teams to find niche placements. For instance, an engineering recruiter will have all the necessary technical knowledge to determine whether an engineer is a good fit or not. 

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