Effective Modes of Candidate Sourcing

Every organization aspires to recruit the right talent to keep their business functioning. In modern times, IT industries are expanding traditional sourcing methods to attract prospective hires. Diversification of recruitment initiatives not only helps in locating talent from outside the industry, but it has also proved to reduce employee turnover rate. Let us look at some of these techniques that are being optimized by software companies today.

Website of the company

Advertising a job on the company website is the easiest way in which people are informed about ongoing hiring. Every tech company’s website should have a careers link on the landing webpage to direct people to available jobs. A job posting should be comprehensive and list duties, salary, and benefits. Job boards like Indeed can further help prospective candidates to trace the source of the posting.

Social media channels

IT companies might post jobs on their social media channels with LinkedIn being the dominating platform followed by Twitter and Facebook. Some tactics which help with the recruitment process include building robust social media pages for the company that consists of details such as unique features pertaining to the company’s work culture, industry news, upcoming projects, and employment openings. Experts also recommend including hashtags like #ITJobs and #TechJobs so that candidates can locate posts about jobs in the IT sector.

Campus recruitment

Hiring candidates from colleges and universities is a way to find low-cost talent and build long term relationships with academic institutions. Tech companies send internship, assistantship, and job notifications to schools who then share these with their students and alumni. Campus recruitment methods which tech companies regularly use are job fairs, campus interviews, phone interviews, and other recruitment programs.

Internal recruitment

A lot of IT companies choose to promote their own employees without going through the process of hiring external candidates. In this manner, they save time, effort, and costs and provide existing staff with opportunities to grow. This, in turn, promotes employee retention and dedication to the company.

Tech meetups

Social networking is a creative way in which tech companies are engaging with new talent. Online forums such as allow people to create or locate gatherings centering around conversations on technology. Meetups are less formal in comparison to conferences and allow employers to connect with emerging tech professionals and learn more about their work in a relaxed environment.

Employee referral

Almost 70% of major tech companies have strong employee referral programs. Existing employees provide recommendations on cooperative and hardworking individuals who would be an asset to the organization. Such employees receive recognition for their referral and the company benefits from a reduction in recruitment costs.

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