Digital Transformation Checklist for Organizations

Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology in all functions of an organization. It is a cultural change that allows companies to completely change the way they operate, thereby offering greater value to customers.

Digital transformation involves a lot of time and effort. It is important that the implementation be done in the right way. The checklist given here will help companies ensure they are carrying out the process in a structured way.

Checklist for digital transformation

· A clear and well-defined vision is available for the transformation process.

· Based on the vision, a strategic plan has been created to take the digital transformation process ahead.

· Management supports and backs the process.

· Digital leadership is available to drive the process.

· The company has a culture of promoting innovation and taking risks.

· The company encourages innovative thinking and innovative solutions.

· Any failure when risk is taken is not considered as negative but is used as a learning.

· Those who innovate are encouraged and rewarded.

· Cultural resistance can be managed.

· Software is being used in different areas for operational efficiency.

· Software is used to improve product and process.

· Team members understand the importance of using software and the benefits it offers.

· Intellectual property assets are in place to ensure the strategic vision of the company is implemented.

· Software is used for purchasing and vendor management.

· Expertise is available in the digital domain.

· Employees are trained on digital technology use.

· Digital skills are available to ensure effective implementation of strategy.

· Individuals are assigned grades or scores keeping in mind their proficiency in digital transformation.

· The company is ready to fund initiatives to help in digital transformation.

· Existing revenue models can be cannibalized, so that greater profits can be earned in the long run.

· Budget and resources are available for the digital transformation exercise.

· Digital transformation teams and other departments are closely collaborating to ensure success of digital transformation strategy.

· Investment in new software has increased.

· Big Data and Analytics is being used as new technologies.

· Mobile technology implementation is on.

· The organization is using cloud technology in operations.

· Internet and wireless communication is widely in use.

· All technology assets needed for the transformation process are available.

The checklist can be used to assign a score on a grade of 0 to 5. 0 indicates non-implementation while 5 indicates complete implementation. Once the scoring is done, an overall score of more than 3.5 indicates the company is progressing well. In case of a lower score, areas having a lesser score need to be improved on. For more information, please write to