Checklist to Spot Staff Augmentation Need

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that allows organizations to meet their fluid recruitment needs by hiring talent from a third- party firm. This flexible approach enables firms to rapidly scale up or scale down their teams without either jeopardizing their project timelines or incurring exorbitant hiring, training and infrastructural costs of a full- time employee.

If you are unsure whether your organization needs staff augmentation, then the following checklist will help you make the right decision-

Superior to Traditional Hiring

Corporations and consumers’ ever- increasing demand for smarter tech means swelling development work and shrinking timelines for many companies. You sometimes need to hire people at a moment’s notice. Traditional hiring techniques fall short by being greatly time- consuming and expensive. However, with staff augmentation you can hire instantly since a third- party firm has already done the grunt work of searching and vetting for qualified individuals.

It also makes more financial sense since you circumvent the many costs associated with full- time hires. You save on benefits, administrative, organizational and legal costs of in- house employees. You simply pay the vendor a fixed fee, and they take care of the rest. This saves money without compromising on the quality of the newly inducted.

Access to a Bigger and Deeper Talent Pool

A lot of times much- needed specialized skills are just not that readily available in the local talent market. Staff augmentation allows you to tap into the exceedingly rich global talent pool as and when you need it. You are not restricted by financial or geographical barriers.

Productivity is also bound to multiply with such highly skilled people on the team. Since they are hired on a project- by- project basis they are fully invested in the task at hand at any given moment. It is bound to enhance the quality of the product and the swiftness with which it reaches the market- giving your organization a very valuable competitive advantage.

Ease of Scaling

Staff augmentation gives you the freedom to enlarge or reduce your team as per the changing project requirements. Varying phases of development call for varying staff strength. It is a real challenge to maintain optimal staffing levels with all full- time employees in a team. But with staff augmentation you are at greater liberty to decide who is employed on a short- term basis and who needs to be retained for a longer term.

Such flexibility allows your team to better meet the forever changing market needs and trends. The team can quickly adapt since its size is highly malleable.

Better Than Project Outsourcing

A common outsourcing strategy prevalent among tech companies is project outsourcing where a third- party firm is given complete ownership of the project- from start to finish. Here you are completely detached from the day- to- day project work and have relatively little or no say in the approach taken towards tackling the said project. These drawbacks are quickly remedied with the staff augmentation model. Here you are able to communicate and direct the outsourced team working on your project. You also hold the ability to decide the team composition and break down of responsibilities.

Innovation and adaptability are the hallmarks of today’s tech industry. To survive and thrive in this environment you need an equally innovative and adaptive hiring solution. A solution that allows you to work with the most talented people- in a time and cost- effective manner. Staff augmentation is that solution.