Bursting the myths of QA Staffing Services

When it comes to finding talent, the hardest part of implementing a new technology is usually not finding the exact resources you need, but actually being able to find someone who’s available.

One challenge that many IT-based businesses face is finding the resources who have the right skills and experience. In addition, the market and technology landscape are constantly changing, making it increasingly more difficult to find qualified staff.

QA is an important aspect to a quality project. IT managers should put a lot of thought into selecting the right resources for their QA team. The quality assurance world has its misconceptions, and many people across the globe wonder if they need in-house staff or contracting services. We’ve uncovered the most common misconceptions here.

It is expensive to partner with QA staffing team

It can be expensive to bring on an employee and retain them for a long period of time. It would be cheaper if you partnered with QA staffing services. With an on-demand service, you can easily hire employees and release them based on your current demand. This means idle employees won’t affect your company’s budget during slack periods. Career testers from QA staffing services are trained in the latest techniques, including best practices for testing software and domain expertise for your business’s industry needs. Plus, they often partner with leading vendors to ensure you get the tools you need at the price that works for you.

It’s much cheaper for you to use an in-house testing team and save yourself the service fees than to hire a QA services team.

While many software companies struggle with maintaining a skilled in-house QA team, the majority rely on QA staffing services for a variety of reasons. With this service, you can access a wide pool of talented testers with experience in different types of testing. Whether it’s new and emerging technologies or news concepts, your QA staffing services will help find someone who fits your needs.

Specialized testing teams will not be able to commit as much to your project goals because they are not in-house.

With a team of experts that are knowledgeable about the testing process and who understand your needs, we’ll make sure you not only meet your deadlines, but exceed them. We’ve got specialized QA resources for contract-testing that are bound by contract to adhere to those timelines (i.e., they’re career testers who are genuinely passionate about testing). Plus, they have experience working with different clients and may be able to pick up on what you need, without it needing to be explicitly stated.

Specialized QA staffing services can bring a lot of value to your business.

If you do the opposite of what is being said in this sentence, then you will be much more successful. Quality assurance companies put a lot of focus on the latest testing technology and advice; most of them have their own test centres of excellence. They have experience executing many different types of projects that can prove to be crucial to your success. They’ll provide help with planning and implementing automation projects as well as guidance for executing key concept initiatives like agile and its various new offshoots. In other words, they bring a lot to the table besides testing skills.

If specialized services are a better fit for your business needs, try out our additional services package. This may be true if your project is small in size and short in duration. But if you’re working on a big, complex project that has a lot of moving pieces, you’ll need to go with specialized QA staffing. They offer various models of engagement so you can find the one which works best for you. Plus, our consultants and recruiters will help you find the right resources for your QA team.

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